Aviano Area Hotels

Mountain View Lodge      located on the flightline in Area F

                                         af.dodlodging.net/propertys/Aviano                       Phone: 0039-0434-30-4040               DSN: 632-4040

Hotel Oliva                       3 blocks from Aviano pool

                                         hoteloliva.com/index.php?lang=eng                      Phone: 0039-0434-66-6111

Aviano Palace Hotel        1/2 mile from Aviano pool

                                         hotelavianopalace.com/index.php?lingua=2           Phone: 0039-0434-66-1377

Maniago Indoor Pool

The pool is located in the city of Maniago and is about a 30 minute drive from Aviano.

Address: Via Marco Polo 31, Maniago, (PN) Italy

GPS Coordinates:




Aviano Indoor Pool

The pool is located near the city center of Aviano, next to the community library (large yellow building).  Follow the "Piscina" signs.  The Area 1 base (school, hospital, shoppette) is within walking distance.

Address: Via Ermes di Colloredo 3, Aviano, (PN) Italy

GPS Coordinates:

N 46° 04’ 15.8” E 012° 34’ 59.0”

​​​​​Aviano Sea Dragons